Our story (English)

Our story (English)
Photo credits: Shakesbeard Photography

This story is originally shared with the followers of Shakesbeard Photography, who made a few beautiful and pure pictures of my partner and me with Fritz, beginning of May 2018. The Dutch version of this story you can find here.

A (Dutch) couple, together for 21 years with a dog, a house and two fine jobs, decide to sell their big house and go travel together in an old campervan and live on 5m2. An real hippie-story and very retro since it is oh so popular in the late 2010’s again.

But it’s not because it’s so bohemian hip these days, why we ( Tim and Gitta) decided to do it. 

Fritz, our 22 year old campervan is giving us the freedom to find a new, unknown path to where ever. We both had slightly different reasons to start the adventure in April 2018, but the common goal is to live a totally different life from what we knew and with that, giving ourself space, time and new experiences to find out what our new path could be. We only know one thing for sure; that we don’t want to keep living the life we had because that is what is expected from you, what’s most comfortable or just plain lazy. No, we both do not want to die, saying: ‘I wish I had….’. 

It is so easy to just follow the path everyone goes: study, a job, a better job, a mortgage, an even better paid but more stressful job, a life that ripples onward. Nothing wrong with that, but we decided at that moment that was not meant for neither of us, and hit the road. At least for half a year. In Europe, since we wanted to go by campervan and discover our own continent. There’s so much to explore right around the corner.

After a burnout, many doubts and rather impulsively buying an old rebuild Fiat Ducato campervan, Gitta decided in the summer of 2017 to live and work from the van -who she named Fritz- for a few months to experience a more sustainable and back-to-basic-life. Tim stayed at the house, liking his job and not feeling he wanted to join in that adventure. By the end of the summer, Tim changed his mind. He was searching for new purposes in life and with living on the road and leaving all the ‘steadiness’ behind, he would really free himself of all the prejudices and assumptions he had about his life. Gitta came back home in september, but after only a month already was feeling restless and got stuck in her search of what she wanted in her working life. 

Luckily we found a way to match our wishes and a plan was born.

At the moment of writing this (May 2018), we are on the road for 6 weeks and on the way to feel really free’d-up of everything that attaches us to our former life. Of course we have to do some administration and (want to) update friends and family where we are and how we are doing, but every day we have choices and decisions to make, solely motivated by our own wishes, needs or mood.

We expect nothing from the trip and try to make as less plans as possible. 

In the mean time we try to stay close to our feelings and moods, and be aware that we keep communicating with each other so we can keep traveling together. Because traveling alone is a good thing, but traveling together with the one you love and deeply cherish is a major plus.

Follow our adventure, route, fights and doubts 😉 on facebook.com/frisenzo (bi-langual), instagram @gbartling (English) or this blog (Dutch only).